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I'm an English woman in New York...

Venus Gentile

I am always searching for the next great adventure. Courage, curiosity, and creativity are the driving forces behind everything I do. I believe in taking risks and love a new challenge in life. My decision to leave my hometown of London when I was 18 years old was not an easy one, but I was ready to use my wings and fly the nest. I landed 5,000 miles away in New York and I have never looked back. I may have been young and foolish, but this life-changing moment was an opportunity to realize that I could accomplish anything I wanted. Today, I am honored and blessed to call the United States of America my home.

After completing my hospitality management internship, I continued to work in the service industry. I love working with people and most of all, my experiences taught me a lot about myself. Throughout my career in business, marketing, and hospitality, I had always felt an unquenchable desire to nourish my creative brain and knew there was more to discover.


The Lowdown

Born to European parents, I grew up spending most of my time in the kitchen with my mother, Eva, (best cook and baker in the world), who taught me to how to make the most exotic dishes. I became fascinated with different cultures and cuisines and loved to write about my experiences. This passion of mine led me to a career writing for luxury lifestyle magazines on Long island. My journalism work spanned the culinary arts, celebrity chef interviews, restaurant reviews, travel, and wellness. I found much inspiration in stories of success as well as failure, but even more so, I found my ultimate joy in telling them.

My first voice over gig (many moons ago) was for a local museum exhibit in my town. I had no professional skills at that time, but a friend of mine who ran the museum absolutely loved my British accent (I get that a lot). It was an exciting experience and left me yearning for more.

Venus Gentile

Some years later, I took my first voice over coaching lesson in New York City and have been enamored ever since. ​ I continue to hone my craft with continued studies, coaching, conferences, and workshops.

A highlight of my voice over career was working with All Rise Films director Michael Zimbalist on the critically acclaimed documentary, ‘The Two Escobars’ featured at Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca film festivals.

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Behind the Mic


My love for cooking and storytelling inspired me to host a weekly online radio show called “Feast on This," with American actress, Jennifer Runyon. The show covered everything from chef and celebrity interviews, to sharing our own personal stories of culinary adventures. The show eventually morphed into a new multi-media show called “Getting hot in the kitchen,” that I co-hosted with my husband, David ( who happens to be a chef and a physician )...lucky me! 

Throughout my years in radio, journalism and voice overs, I have always ensured that my creative endeavors involve the need to meet challenges, expand my knowledge, and, most importantly, bring value to others.

As a highly motivated person with a passion for connecting with current and future clients, my mission is to breathe life into stories with authenticity and confidence, while influencing audiences to listen and engage.

With a professional home recording studio, I can connect with clients anywhere in the world for live sessions, or am equally happy to work without supervision to create a voice-over to suit my clients needs.


On a Personal Note

My passion for anthropological endeavors and helping others is what I love most. I am always willing to take on a new volunteering project and have worked extensively with several non-profit organizations.

I collaborated with 'Island Harvest,' where I taught healthy cooking classes to underprivileged children in homeless shelters. I have donated my time cooking for fundraisers for 'Hair We Share,' an organization that donates wigs to cancer patients and 'Elija Farms,' a working farm that employs autistic children. My most recent project was with 'HaitiChildren,' where I directed a fundraiser in New York City and was also the Emcee for the event.

In 2018, I married the love of my life and number 1 fan, David and moved into our dream home on the beautiful waters of the Long Island sound. It is here, that I continue to draw inspiration from the sound of the sparkling ocean and miles of soft, sandy beaches.  

Venus Gentile
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