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British Voice. American Heart.



'Transcending words with intuition, intelligence & imagination'

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I believe that integrity, quality, efficiency, and adaptability are the key components in the making of a successful voice over production. It’s the whole pie, not just a slice or two

(although it just so happens that I love pizza!) Everything works or nothing works.


My ultimate goal is to make sure

that your next voice over

project is fuss-free and smooth sailing. I am focused on clear communication and producing out-of-this-world results, so

YOU can put your clients on cloud nine, or even over-the-moon.


Welcome to my orbit…and yes, Venus IS my name.

I may not be from another planet BUT…I am a bonafide, professional British voice over artist living in the US. I am still very fond of afternoon tea and biscuits, but I never miss my

morning cup of Joe.

My mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make YOUR job easier! Simple, right? Understanding the nuances of a voice over script, listening with intuition and executing with intelligence and imagination are what I do best! I also like to have to fun and am super easy to work with.

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I love being creative in my voice over life and working from my professional home recording studio is my greatest joy. 

I am especially passionate about audio/sound editing, mixing and techy stuff, which means less work for you and more fun for me! 

My quest is to breathe life into stories with authenticity, heart and confidence, while influencing audiences to listen and engage.I also happen to be highly skilled in copy writing and editing, so if you are looking for a writer for your next voice over script, look no further! 

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It is a well-known fact that a British accent is the most trusted accent. It can bring all sorts of benefits to your brand as well as adding flair, sophistication and a touch of sparkle to your voice over script.


My natural voice (when I’m not singing in the shower) is warm, clear, and genuine with a neutral British accent and has been described as sophisticated, sincere, intelligent, and confident (I would agree).

My voice encompasses a wide range of tones and energies, from conversational and approachable to dynamic and authoritative- a delight for your next E-learning project, corporate, commercial, narration or explainer video.